Apple faces lawsuit over ‘touchscreen disease’

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone, you’re not alone. A growing number of iPhone users report their phones just stop working. Apple now faces lawsuits for what’s being called touchscreen disease.

The issue is with the touch screen. It just stops working. You can swipe and tap all you want, and nothing happens.

Well, something happens: You have to get a new phone.

The folks at uBreakiFix see it all the time. A lot of it has to do with the bending of the phone, just wear and tear. Users are seeing a gray bar at the top of the screen that might flicker. Then, the touchscreen stops working or apps start opening on their own.

Soon after, the phone won’t respond at all. It’s combination of what I would consider a flaw in the frame of the older phones.

Adam Warner, whose task is to fix broken phones, told me about half of all iPhone 6 Plus devices that come to the shop are bent. Most of the time he says, it’s because the thin frame can’t withstand people sitting on them.

"When that phone bends, it’s also bending the logic board inside." Warner says.

And there’s no question Apple knew about the flawed frames. When the 6 Plus was released, YouTube videos showed how easily the phones would bend, and there were complaints early and often.

Personally, I got the twitching gray bar at the top of my phone, and it stopped responding to taps and swipes.Apple told me it couldn’t be fixed, and was out of the warranty.

Apple did address the flaw when it released the 6s. It is stronger, and it is supposed to prevent the bending of the phone.

If you’ve had the problem or have the problem in the future, you can join the class action lawsuit if it goes forward. 

The class action lawsuit accuses Apple of fraudulent and deceptive business practices.

At this point, Apple has not issued a response and expects to introduce its iPhone 7 next week.

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