School leaders say ‘hit list’ just a rumor

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Superintendent Trent Lovett sent us this message Sunday night which was sent to the district’s list-serve, including to parents and staff:

Good Evening.  This is Trent Lovett, Superintendent of Marshall County Schools.  On Friday, we received a report of a “Hit List” at Marshall County High School.  We along with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department spent the entire day on Friday and most of the weekend investigating this report.  We have found no one that has actually seen a “Hit List” only students who have heard this from other students.  We also received a report of a “Kik” (Text) message that was sent which was investigated. We have taken all of these reports seriously.  We have taken the appropriate action to insure your child’s safety and have found no threat of harm to students.

Social media reports what people believe to be true without actually having facts.  I have called several of you based on your social media posts.  Due to student privacy laws, we are not at liberty to disclose all facts or discipline of students.  I can assure you, we are continuing to investigate as we strive to provide a safe environment for all of our students.  If you feel as though you have factual information that we do not have, please email me at

ORIGINAL STORY: A rumor about a hit list from a student at Marshall County High School has some of you concerned about your child’s safety. 

We asked Superintendent Trent Lovett and Resource Officer Ray Chumbler about the rumor. They say after several interviews with students, it’s just that: a rumor.

The school’s principal sent out a phone call to parents about the situation Friday. 

Here is the transcript of the phone message: 

Good morning. This is Amy Waggoner, principal of Marshall County High School.  Rumors have been flying this morning regarding some of our students being endangered by another student.  The MCHS administration team, central office, and school resource officer have investigated these rumors and found no truth to any student being in danger.  Our team continues to provide our students a safe learning environment and want to keep you informed and involved.  Thank you, and have a happy Friday.

Some parents have reached out to us about that statement, and they say they dispute the school’s account of what happened. 

We are continuing to gather information about this, and we will update this story as details emerge. 

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