Five things to know for iOS 10

iOS 10 will make you feel like you have a brand new iPhone. But, before you jump into the new operating system, here are five things you need to know.

  1. Make room. The update will need space, and if your 16 GB phone is almost full, you should delete some things, or Apple will do it for you. Connect your phone to your computer, and download those photos to a folder on your computer or install an app like Google Photos and save them there. Once they’ve been saved somewhere else, delete the photos and videos from the camera roll.
  2. Delete apps you never use, and update the ones you do use.
  3. Backup your phone to the computer or the iCloud, I recommend a hard backup to a computer. This is easy to do by connecting to iTunes on a computer. You should do this frequently anyway. 
  4. Go to “settings” and “general” to see when the update is available to you. When it does become available, it could take a while, because everyone else will be trying to download it at the same time.
  5. Install iOS 10 over Wi-Fi, preferably at home. Downloading a file that big will use a lot of your data plan if you’re not on Wi-Fi. It can take up to an hour to install, so start the update when you know you’ll be connected to the same Wi-Fi for a long period of time and when you know you won’t be using your phone.

It’s never a bad idea to wait a few days before updating to the latest iOS. There are always bugs and glitches. Apple always releases one or two updates in the first few weeks to fix those problems. So, if you rely on your phone to work the same as its working right now, you may want to put off the update while Apple fixes any bugs it finds.

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