More renewable energy options become available in west Kentucky

You now have more options to save money on power bills where you live, work, or play while reducing your dependence on a power system.

Paducah Power System approved a net metering policy that gives customers the opportunity to use renewable energy like solar or wind power.

Renewable energy may still seem like a foreign concept to some, but several businesses in west Kentucky use it and like it. They’ve used companies like Sunway Energy Solutions and Harvest Energy Solutions.

Charles Taylor with Taylor Motors in Murray got his solar panel set in 2013. He said his uncle, Dwaine Taylor, has had a good experience with his.

“It was probably a combination of things: being self-sufficient, taking advantage of the grants that are already out there,” Taylor said.

Taylor said current grants in Kentucky can cover about 25 percent of a solar panels cost.

“You don’t really notice anything day to day. You’ll just notice when you get your bill at the end of the month on how much you save,” Taylor said.

Taylor connects to West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative, and Paducah Power is now offering a similar option to customers for renewable energy with a net metering policy.

A net metering policy measures the difference between the amount of electricity a customer uses and what they produce. So, how much you can save on your bill is based on the amount of power your panels generate. If you don’t use it all, you could end up getting a credit back.

“I’ve cut 60 percent off of the bill,” Taylor said.

He says his bill went from around $10,000 a year to around $4,000. Taylor says this discount makes these $60,000 panels worth it. So much so that he’s planning on buying another set soon to go 100 percent solar.

You must apply for Paducah Power’s new net metering policy to see the savings. A copy of the policy is included below this story. 

Jackson Purchase Energy has offered a similar net metering tariff since 2005. West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative started offering a Tennessee Valley Authority Green Power Providers Program in 2012.

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