Neighbors unaware of animal cruelty, wanted to help

Tammy Littlepage faced a judge Wednesday regarding four counts of animal cruelty. The arraignment comes after Littlepage turned herself in to Graves County Sheriff’s Deputies. Investigators rescued four dogs from her home in Boaz.

As for the four dogs, three are in the shelter, and one died. Workers in the animal shelter named one dog Jamey. Veterinarians put Jamey down because of how much pain he was in. Jamey had severe mange and was severely malnourished. They didn’t believe he could survive treatment. Neighbors in the area said they wish they had known what was going on in the house so they could have helped.

While dogs are barking in the Graves County Animal Shelter, these three are mostly quiet recovering from severe dehydration and starvation.

Animal shelter workers say Colt and Bridget are scared, but they are eating and drinking. Angela is trying to heal from other wounds. Neighbors knew Littlepage had dogs in her home, but they never knew how bad it was.

One of Littlepage’s neighbors, Darlene Ervine, says she’s also a friend. She describes Littlepage, saying “She’s a real sweet girl. She’s really sweet.”

Ervine says she would invite Littlepage to spend time with her and her dogs, but Littlepage would never invite her to do the same.

Ervine says: “I think she felt like she couldn’t ask anyone for help.”

She says she was going through some tough times. “Since her mother passed she’s talked to me about how she can’t seem to get past her mother passing," Ervine says. 

Ervine says she wishes she could have helped her friend. She says: “a lot of things can happen to a person when they’re depressed.”

And now Colt, Bridget, and Angela can have a happier future.  

We still don’t know if Littlepage lived in the home. The home is listed in her name, but in court it was mentioned that she owned a mobile home.

As for the three dogs’ future, they have to be released from court custody first. Then the shelter is going take care of them until they can be adopted out.

Littlepage’s bond was set at $2,500. The judge said she is not allowed to own a domestic animal right now.  We asked investigators if Littlepage has a history of mental health or criminal issues.  They said, to their knowledge, she does not.

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