Zoning maps proposed for former city of Lone Oak

A portion of McCracken County that is not zoned is getting zoning designations, which helps determine where businesses can locate so they’re not right next to your home.

The former city of Lone Oak does not have assigned zoning in McCracken County. Tuesday, an informational meeting was held with proposed zoning maps.

McCracken County Deputy Judge-Executive Doug Moore said the proposed zoning maps will help give structure to the development of properties.

“For the former city of Lone Oak, we’re proposing some commercial zoning, especially along U.S. Highway 45,” Moore said.

Zoning areas — urban, residential or commercial — do not affect the property value.

“Zoning has nothing to do with the taxes you pay on your property,” Moore said.    

However, those zoning assignments could end up affecting businesses in the future, like Dave’s Automotive on 2950 Maryland St.

Owner David Pendergrass said, based on the proposed zoning maps, his 10-year-old business would be in a residential area. If the maps remained the same, his business would be grandfathered in.

“But if I wanted to expand the shop, make it bigger, or someday when I want to quit or get out of it and sell, then I couldn’t because it would be residential,” Pendergrass said.

That’s why he said he’s relieved he showed up to the informational meeting at Lone Oak Middle School. He was able to voice his opinion and let the county know his property should be zoned as commercial.

“We will see next month, but it should be alright,” Pendergrass said.

The final public hearing and a vote should happen at the next Planning and Zoning meeting on Oct. 26.

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