Students lunch with deputies in Blue Light Special program

Local students are getting some special guests at lunch. The McCracken county school district is sponsoring the Blue Light Special program, where Lone Oak Elementary School students spend time with members of law enforcement. It’s not only a token of appreciation, but also education.

Students settled down to lunch with the sheriff and his deputies Monday. While McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden may have gone to the school for the conversation, Hayden says they wanted to make a difference in these students’ lives too. He says he hopes it’s something students will remember by making themselves available to students in their everyday schedules.

Hayden says: “We want to try and impress on them at this time in their life that law enforcement people of authority are good people. We’re approachable.”

This blue light special isn’t only a onetime event, deputies and officers are invited to have lunch at McCracken county school districts for the rest of the year.

Lone Oak Elementary School Principal Jill Darnall says sheriff’s deputies in the lunchroom teach a lesson that’s hard to teach in the classroom. She says: "So often students are afraid to approach a law officer if they’re ever in need this gives them an opportunity and a chance to meet and develop that comfort.”

A lesson Darnall says she hopes continues, and one Hayden says he’s glad to help teach.

Hayden says this is also a great opportunity to help provide extra security in their schools from time to time. Darnall said the students wrote letters of appreciation thanking the sheriff and deputies.

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