Several families without running water for second day in a row

When Karla Martin turns on her kitchen faucet, nothing comes out.

"When your raising a 6-year-old and you have to make sure she gets a bath every day and I need to wash her hair and the dog needs water," says Martin.

Martin says it’s a nightmare not having running water at her home in Caldwell County.

"You don’t realize how much you use the water," says Martin.

She says it’s been off for nearly two days. The family has been using bottled water to brush their teeth and flush toilets.

Caldwell County Water District CEO Jimmy Littlefield says he noticed a problem Wednesday night after working a full shift. He called his crew back in, and they spent the next 30 hours searching for a possible leak.

"The guys just started walking the water lines," says Littlefield. "They have walked miles the past two days, many miles actually."

After getting little to no sleep, the exhausted crew finally found the leak Friday morning in a wooded area along Claxton Road. Littlefield says they immediately began to dig out the area and make repairs. He’s not sure how many homes this has affected, but he says more than 75 people have called in to complain.

"This is pretty bad," says Martin. "I’m playing in a golf tournament Saturday and I have a wedding. We need to wash clothes and take a shower."

Martin says she’s been using baby wipes for the past two days and is looking forward to taking a real shower.

Because of the leak, a boil water advisory is in effect for customers on the following roads:

Alexander Rd.
Allen Rd.
Amon Lisanby Rd. 
Amon Lisanby Spur Rd. 
Battle Creek Rd.
Bayshore Dr.
Ben Carter Rd. 
Chickasaw Dr.
Clark Rd.
Claxton Rd. 
Corey Ln.
Cunningham-Fletcher Rd.
DR Adams Rd.
Dawson Rd.
Dearing Cemetery Rd. 
Dripping Springs Rd.
E. Bald Knob Rd.
Fontaine Rd.
Fowler Ridge Rd. 
Franklin Rd.
Friendship Rd. 
George Gray Rd.
Gumlick Rd.
H Haile Rd.
H L Holeman Rd.
H L Ladd Rd.
Haile Spur Rd. 
Hardy Mill Rd. 
Harmony Church Rd. 
Hay Rd.
Holmes Cook Rd. 
Hooks Rd.
Hopkinsville Rd. 
Hudgins Rd.
Hunsaker Rd. 
Highway 128. 
Highway 672. 
Island Cove Ln. 
Jane Nichols Cemetery Rd. 
Jim Stevens Rd.
Joel Nichols Rd. 
Jones Keeney Rd. 
Kyle Rd.
Lakeshore Dr.
Lakewood Dr. 
Lance Nichols Cemetery Rd. 
Levi Dunning Rd.
Lewistown Church Rd. 
Linda Rd.
Lisanby Point Rd. 
Littlejohn Rd.
194-1343 Longbreak Rd. 
Markham Rd.
Mashburn Ferguson Rd.
McGowan Station Rd.
McIntosh Ln.
Melanie Ln.
Mount Hebron Rd. 
Old Cobb Rd.
Old Railroad Bed Rd.
Orange Rd.
Otter Pond Rd.
P Goodwin Rd. 
Pool School Rd. 
Railroad Lake Rd. 
Ray Martin Rd.
Redden Dock Rd. 
Rock Springs Rd. 
Rottweiler Ln.
Rucker Rd.
Sandlick Rd. 
Scottsburg Rd. 
Smiley Ln.
Smiley Rd. 
Smith Rd.
Stallins Rd. 
Stephens Rd.
Thomas Rd.
Thomason Rd. 
Ravis Rd.
Trusty Rd.
W. Bald Knob Rd. 
Wallace Fork Rd.
Watson Rd.
Wildwood Point 
Williams Rd.
Wood Ln.

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