Barbecue On The River winners announced

Here is the full list of winners from the 2016 Barbecue On The River:

Chicken (Backyard)

  • 1st Place: Ribdaddy & The Porkers
  • 2nd Place: Ozeans Ribs
  • 3rd Place: Ducks BBQ

Chicken (Circuit)

  • 1st Place: Deez Butts
  • 2nd Place: Regulators
  • 3rd Place: Hardwood Gang

Ribs (Backyard)

  • 1st Place: Ducks BBQ
  • 2nd Place: Balkis Temple
  • 3rd Place: Ribdaddy & The Porkers

Ribs (Circuit)

  • 1st Place: J-Mack
  • 2nd Place: Tilfords Q Krew
  • West KY Moonswiners

Shoulder (Backyard)

  • 1st Place: Ribdaddy & The Porkers
  • 2nd Place: Smokey Hollow BBQ
  • 3rd Place: Downtown Kiwanis

Shoulder (Circuit)

  • 1st Place: Cookies Grill
  • 2nd Place: Bar B Que Express
  • 3rd Place: Regulators BBQ and Deez Butts

Whole Hog (Backyard)

  • 1st Place: Ducks BBQ
  • 2nd Place: Rib-Tastic
  • 3rd Place: Certified Holy Smoke

Whole Hog (Circuit)

  • 1st Place: Cookies Grill
  • 2nd Place: Lenny’s and Larry Larry & Darrell
  • 3rd Place: J-Mack

Reserved Champion: West KY Moonswiners

Grand Champion: Ducks BBQ

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