Merryman House officially closing on new property

Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center bought a new campus Monday afternoon. The nonprofit organization had been working to raise money to buy the McCracken County school board’s old campus on Berger Road.

Executive Director Mary Foley says they partnered with Mountain Comprehensive Care Center buying the land and buildings for $1.5 million, mainly funded through private donations. Each non-profit purchased half the land for $750,000.

The Merryman House will not start moving into the new location immediately. It has maybe a year of renovations ahead of it. Foley says they plan to start the bidding process soon. She says all five of the buildings they’ve purchased need some major renovations — Merryman House is currently navigating its first $3.7MM Capital Campaign. Those funds will purchase the property and renovate three of the five buildings on the land that Merryman House owns. Merryman House has been successful in raising more than 50% of the campaign goal through grants and private donations. The last two of the five buildings will be renovated in a second phase of the renovation schedule.

Foley says she’s almost overwhelmed by how much more space the nonprofit secured. She says: “We are so excited about this, we can hardly stand ourselves here the kitchen.”

She says it’s time to make the change and make the move because, with more space to bring more awareness and accessibility, Merryman House hopes to save and change more lives on the new campus. She says: “It is cramped. We are often on a waiting list, and we are long overdue for some space.”

With more space, Foley says they hope to save and change more lives on the new campus. She says: “I think sometimes when we bring dark topics like domestic violence out of the dark and push them forward into the light, there’s safety in that as well.”

But Monday, Foley says she is simply thankful for the community seeing how life saving and life changing the Merryman House can be. She says: “I have never been more humbled and more grateful.”

Security is one of the Merryman House’s most important concerns. Foley says that’s going to be a conversation they have during renovations over the next nine to 12 months. But, until the nonprofit figures that out and move into the new location, it will stay at the old location.

Foley says the domestic crisis center plans to increase the number of beds from 24 to 36. She says it also hopes to have a shelter for men and therapy services, but now it’s asking for your help for donations.

If you’d like to donate, you can contact Gina Leeper at or visit the website.

In buying the campus, the Merryman House is also partnering with Mountain Comprehensive Care. The Merryman House bought five of the buildings on campus, but Mountain Comprehensive bought the rest of the land. The substance abuse care company already has a presence in the area, but CEO Mots Bishnoi says partnering with the Merryman House, Mountain Comprehensive can help further women’s recovery.

He says: “We know it takes somebody seven tries before they’ll leave their abuser. So, with us working with them, we can help them with the recovery a lot sooner.”

Bishnoi says Mountain Comprehensive will not provide any medical care. For any emergency or detox situations, patients would need to go to a hospital.

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