7 west Kentucky school districts celebrate ‘distinguished’ test scores

The scores are in, and schools have been ranked. Murray Independent School District is at the top of the list.

Students take K-PREP tests each spring to track school and district performance and their progress. Murray Independent School District came out on top in the state with an overall test score of 85.6. The district is one of seven in west Kentucky to be marked as "distinguished." That’s the highest performance level a school can achieve. 

Other district’s include Ballard County, Graves County, Lyon County, McCracken County and Caldwell County and Calloway County school districts. Some of the big ones are actually individual school scores, because each school was also ranked.

Even though the Fulton County School District wasn’t listed as distinguished, the high school had some of the biggest gains. It’s score went up more than 10 points from last year,  with a score of 81 and rank of 28.

The Marshal County School District had some of the biggest declines. South Marshall Elementary’s score dropped almost 20 points, and Marshall County High School’s score went down nine points. Superintendent Trent Lovett says the school will own it’s scores. He says he knew there would be a drop because testing wasn’t it’s main focus last year.

The Livingston County School District got a proficient score, but one of it’s schools, North Livingston County Elementary is one of the schools celebrating improvements. Its rank went from "proficient" in the 2014/2015 school year to "distinguished" this past year, with a score of 79 out of 100. 
Last year’s principal now works at Central Elementary in Marshall County. That didn’t stop him from running about 24 miles from his home in Calvert City to North Livingston Elementary in Burna. It’s a promise he said he’d keep if the school got a distinguished score.

Thursday morning, students at the school made their way outside, excited to welcome a familiar guest.

"I think it’s pretty cool," said sixth-grader Riley Lockheart.

The guest is last year’s principal, Tad Mott, who ran to keep his word.

"A promise is a promise," Mott said. 

For some students, it was unexpected.

"He did it, and I’m really surprised he didn’t forget," said Riley.

Others have seen these antics before.

"So far he’s done everything else he said he was going to do, like kiss a snake. He did that," seventh-grader Rick McCallister.

"He’s done everything else he’s promised to do. He kissed a pig," said another group of students. 

"I’m surprised, anticipating the surprise I’m going to have when I’m going to get there. I haven’t seen these students in quite some time," Mott said.

Students were excited too.

He made it 24 miles just before the rain started and the group moved inside.

The visit wasn’t only about a promise.

"It’s so much more than a test score. They have the grit, motivation and determination to do the best," Mott said.

It was a lesson to show the kids that if they work hard they can achieve their goals.

To see the full report on Kentucky K-PREP scores, click here. 

To view all Kentucky school report cards, click here. 

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