Three girls honored for saving neighbor’s life

Does your child know what to do when they call 911? Last month, three girls said they were nervous to make an emergency call, but first responders said their actions helped saved their neighbor’s life.

The three girls didn’t expect to have to make that 911 call in August. They always check on their next door neighbor, and he’s always fine. When he didn’t answer the door this time, sisters Kaylee and Mykah Winstead and friend Cassie Battoe said they knew something was wrong. Kaylee said: “We kept trying to shake him, and he was making this weird noise.”

While Kaylee called 911, Mykah and Cassie stayed with their Reidland neighbor.

Cassie said: “I was just walking around in circles, just really stressing and nervous, because I didn’t want him to pass away.”

McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden said it was so important to recognize the girls to teach the importance of 911. Hayden said: “When you need help, you don’t know what to do when something’s wrong, you call 911.”

Hayden and the county’s first responders honored the girls for their lifesaving efforts in front of their classmates. Hayden said they wanted to recognize the good someone can do in an emergency situation, especially a child.

He said: “Our goal was to make these little girls feel special, and I hope we succeeded.”

Kaylee said: “He always calls us our little buddies when we go over there.”

Now, they’re more like their neighbor’s little angels.

Kaylee and Mykah’s mom told me yes, they do check on their neighbor almost every day. But no, Hayden told me, their neighbor is not 80-something years old. He’s a bit younger than that.

As for how often children are the ones calling 911, Hayden said it’s pretty common. But, he said this case stood out to him because the girls went above and beyond to make sure their neighbor was OK.

For more on discussing 911 with your kids, click here.

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