Backup called in to break up disturbance at McCracken County jail

A disturbance Monday afternoon at the McCracken County Regional Jail led deputy jailers to call in backup from police officers and sheriff’s deputies to help bring the situation under control. 

Jailer Bill Adams tells us 23 inmates were in the jail’s rec room, and deputy jailers were leading inmates back to their cells when two inmates got into a fight. Adams says a deputy jailer got caught in the middle of it when he went to break them up. 

Adams says, as the guard was trying to get the two under control, other inmates were becoming upset. Deputy jailers did use pepper spray during the incident. They called in backup from the Paducah Police Department and the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department. Adams says they were then able to get the inmates under control.

Our crew tells us a deputy jailer was seen outside the jail with a bloody nose when they got there, but we are told no one was seriously injured in the incident. 

Adams tells us they will watch surveillance video of the disturbance Monday night. 

They will then decide whether to press charges against the inmates regarding the incident.

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