Woman beats breast cancer in early phase thanks to a mammogram

More than 300,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. All month long, we’re partnering with the Purchase District Health Department and Lundberg Medical Imaging as "Friends in the Fight against Breast Cancer.

Now Pansy Coplin gets to enjoy the things she loves

"I just love to cook. That’s my thing. I just want to cook, Coplin said.

She also loves admiring the many pictures she has of her grandsons, but in April, Pansy didn’t know if enjoying these things would be possible.

"I was very shocked, you know? You hear about everyone else having breast cancer, but when it comes to you, you just don’t know. When it’s yourself, it’s different," she said.

Pansy found out she had breast cancer after she got her first mammogram in two years.

"I realized I got to keep moving, so that’s what I did. I kept moving and pushing," Pansy said.

Pansy says she was able to catch her cancer early on, and it was all because she got a breast exam and didn’t waste any time getting a mammogram.

"I know women get busy with their families and what they’re doing in their lives, and sometimes they forget to go year to year," said Purchase District Health Department Nurse Practitioner Lisa Spillman.

Spillman advises women over the age of 40 to get annual mammograms and all women to do self breast exams every month.

"The longer you wait, the harder the treatment is and the more invasive the treatment is," Spillman said.

"It was rough, but I made it I made it though it," Pansy said.

Pansy says she here today thanks to her mammogram, her support system and keeping a positive attitude.

For information on where you can go to get a mammogram or clinical breast exam, head to you area health department or go online to the Purchase District Health Department. You can also check out Lundberg Medical Imaging’s mammogram services.

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