Candidates for Kentucky House ask for your vote

Three seats in the Kentucky House of Representatives could mean change to the political climate in Frankfort.

Republican nominee for District 3 in McCracken County Joni Hogancamp says it’s time for a new majority. Incumbent State Rep. Gerald Watkins says a Democratic majority with a Republican governor keeps a balance of power.

Hogancamp says her background in health care has given her firsthand experience with rising costs of health care and insurance premiums. “I think there is a lot of work that has to be done to make Kentucky more attractive to bring these insurance companies,” she said to a crowd of business leaders at the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum on Thursday.

Watkins focused his time on higher education funding and his record in government, in Frankfort and at the city level. “It was my compromise that landed the Murray State University 2+2 program for Paducah and McCracken County,” he said.

His seat helps keep a highly contended Democratic majority.

When asked why a new majority is better, Hogancamp said: “If you’re happy with where we are with job creation, specifically in our area, then I would say I’m not the person for you.”

Watkins defended a Democratic majority, saying it has worked for the economy. He cited statistics showing a favorable business climate and fast-growing startups in the state.

They two agreed on the issue of over regulation. Watkins said he was willing to “take a look at regulations and get rid of the ones that are unnecessary and overkill.” Hogancamp, a business owner, says she is “all for government getting more out of her business.”

I asked them both: “The two nominees for president, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are highly controversial, how do you differ/agree with your parties nominee?”

Watkins replied: “To be perfectly honest, I don’t like either one of them.”

Hogancamp isn’t completely thrilled either, but said in defense of Trump, that he’s “a business owner. He’s has to make tough decisions.” 

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