Copy-Zack Pittman out of surgery, community holds prayer vigil

UPDATE: (Saturday, May 30) – Zack’s mom tells Local 6 doctors took him off his coma meds and it will take 4-5 days to wear off.  Doctors will monitor his pupils to make sure he is responding well to getting out of a coma.

Holding and kissing her son Zack’s hand, Laurie Dowell-Pittman has been by his hospital bedside for two days.

“He is the sweetest, most caring little child. Anybody that knows Zack knows he’s the sweetest little boy,” Dowell-Pittman said.

Zack came out of a seven and a half hour surgery Thursday morning to remove part of his skull. The swelling was so severe it could have killed him.

“If he didn’t have part of his skull removed, they told me it would have pushed his brain, killed his brain,” Dowell-Pittman said.

Prayer vigil organizers are connected to Zack through their faith. Shelbie Mize is a family friend.

“He’s the most loving kid. He’s got a smile that will just brighten up the whole world,” Mize said.

Mize’s spear-heading the vigil Thursday night at Reidland Baptist Church. She’s known Zack’s mom for more than six years.

“We just want her to know we love her. This whole community is just outpouring prayer, and I’m very, very proud of Paducah for coming together like this,” Mize said.

Zack never made it home Tuesday after school, and paint marks from the collision are still visible in the road. His mom said she isn’t mad at the driver and reached out to her for comfort. “I know she would have never have done this to my son on purpose,” Dowell-Pittman said.

Donations are being accepted at CFSB locations under “Prayers 4 Zack.” Regions bank locations are also taking donations under “Zack Pittman.”

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