I Am Local 6: The Cinnamon Sisters

A sugary treat really hits the spot when a sweet tooth craving strikes. A ladies in one local group make cinnamon sweet rolls to satisfy that hankering and raise money for worthwhile causes.  

If you’re looking for a sign from above of the good things in life, you’ll find it planted here on earth outside Arcadia United Methodist Church in Paducah. 

Once a month young at heart church goers join together to bond and to bake.  

Melanie Mathis volunteers full time now that she’s retired. 

"This was one more thing I could do to fill up another day, because I’m used to having every day full," Mathis said. 

"When you say Cinnamon Sisters, everybody either says ‘What are those?’ or ‘Oh, I’ve had your rolls! They’re so good,’" Mathis said. 

A group of volunteers makes cinnamon sweet rolls from scratch.  Each one is rolled, dipped, covered and placed in a pan for the oven. 

Ann Rayl has a few years of experience in the group, having volunteered for 20 to 25 years. 

"I was one of the originals, yes," Rayl said. "We do a lot for the community." 

However, the mission remains the same: To bake and sell cinnamon rolls. The money raised goes to Paducah Cooperative Ministry and helps fund projects at the church. 

"I mean, it’s not a huge amount of money, but every little bit helps," volunteer Shirley Mollett said.  

Mollett divvies up the dough as soon as there’s room on the preparation tables to make more.   

"It’s work, but it’s also fun. And we have a good time, too," Mollett said.  

The volunteers consider their cinnamon sweet roll baking the perfect recipe for fellowship and fun. 

"We share our good and bad days. We kind of support one another, which, that’s good," Rayl said.  

It’s a group full of loving hearts who aim to serve a need in their community and at their church.  

Ten percent of the monthly profits go to PCM. Members spend the rest on church projects or outreach programs church is involved in.  

To order the cinnamon sweet rolls, call  270-442-1752.  One plate costs $5. 

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