Garbage truck driver who drove wrong way on I-24 pleads not guilty

Dalton Lampley, the driver of the Waste Path garbage truck that drove the wrong way down Interstate 24 on Friday, pleaded not guilty Monday in Marshall County District Court.

Lampley faces 11 charges in Marshall County, including three felonies. The felonies include fleeing from police, endangering police, and possession of methamphetamine. The misdemeanor charges include reckless driving, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence.

The incident injured six people.

Lampley also faces six felony assault charges in McCracken County, filed by Paducah Police. His attorney, Jeremy Ian Smith, expects that number to grow. McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden says the sheriff’s department plans to add to the list of charges.

Lampley was charged with driving under the influence in Marshall County in 2010. For that charge, he went to an alcohol driver education program and had to submit to random drug tests. Last year, Lampley was charged with being intoxicated in public.

Lampley has a criminal history in McCracken County as well. In 2012, a grand jury charged him with having a stolen gun.

We still have not been able to confirm whether 23-year-old Lampley, who drove a Waste Path garbage truck the wrong way down I-24, actually worked for that company.

I spoke to the Waste Path call center supervisor. She says she cannot confirm whether Lampley worked there because the company’s attorney was not available at the time of the call. She did say of the company: “Their major concern is for the families and people that were injured.”    

Smith says to the best of his knowledge, Lampley did work at Waste Path. Smith says he wants to remind everyone that this his client is innocent until proven guilty. Smith briefly met with Lampley Friday, so he still has a lot of information to put together. He says he thinks his client has hope, though. “He’s got defenses, there’s no doubt about it, just from what I’ve been able to glean at this point. But I can’t really go further into that right now.”

Lampley’s preliminary hearing for his Marshall County charges is set for 1 p.m. on Wednesday. He will be arraigned in McCracken County soon. 

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