Graves County Economic Development buys Remington building

Graves County Economic Development has purchased the former Remington plant. The company announced last May that it would lay of off workers, and the plant closed in November.

Economic development leaders say they were negotiating with Remington since August to buy the building for $1.25 million. Leaders say the purchase keeps a promise made to you and your family.

The Sunday brunch may be back, but not former workers from the Remington plant. Gayla Wilson works at the Dinner Bell down the road from the former plant. She says when any surrounding businesses close or open, the restaurant sees it in its customers and their wallets.

“Less money for people to spend," Wilson says, "(If) they’re worried about paying their bills, they won’t come out and enjoy life as much.”

That’s why Economic Development President Ryan Drane says the organization bought the building: for the people who work and live there. “We made a promise to the employees and community (that) we would do whatever it takes to bring back manufacturing jobs into this site, and this investment is just another way of how we’re doing that," Drane says.

The building has all the utilities already installed, including fiber network, security, and electricity. That’s one reason why it was so appealing to buy. Drane says GCED still has a lot of work ahead before a new industry moves into the available space. “We want to make sure we take the time to bring in the right company with the right jobs for our citizens," he says.

Wilson says it’s exciting to think there’s change in the future. “The more businesses we have move in on this town, the better we’ll be doing," she says. 

Drane says it is rare for an economic development group to make such a big investment. He says the plant building is one of eight of its kind around the state, which another incentive for the purchase.

Drane said automotive and injection molding businesses, as well as machinery and metalworking companies have expressed interest in the building. GCED is not naming any specific companies yet.

The building is 80,000 square feet and sits on 25 acres in the industrial park.

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