Protestors ask congressman to reject plans to repeal Affordable Care Act

As President Donald Trump continues to push the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, some people in the Local 6 area support that effort, and some are against the GOP plan.

A group rallied outside Rep. David Kustoff’s office in Martin, Tennessee, on Monday asking him to reject plans to repeal and replace the health care law.
The group also wrote a letter and signed a petition to send to Kustoff, who represents Tennessee’s 8th district. 

"Everyone should not have to worry about health care. That’s just not something we should have to worry about," said single mother Marie Fee.

The rally comes after a Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate showed 24 million people are expected lose their health insurance by 2026 under the proposed American Health Care Act. Fee said she worries health care will become a bigger concern than it already is.

"I have some friends that have two-income households, and they’re struggling to have health care for themselves and their kids too. And it’s just a big mess," Fee said.

Kustoff released this statement in response to the rally:

For more than seven years, Obamacare has driven people off their plans, after promising they’d be able to keep it, driven down employment and driven up costs. Right now, 73 out of 95 counties in Tennessee, including Shelby County, have just one insurer on the health care exchange, and some areas, like Knox County, will have zero insurers next year. This is simply not sustainable. It’s time for a change and time to allow Americans to make their own health care decisions again.

The local groups, March for Action North West Tennessee and Progressive Dems of TN CD8, organized the rally. People also rallied at Kustoff’s district offices in Memphis and Jackson.

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