I Am Local 6: Mayfield Police K-9 retires after 10 years of service

After almost 10 years of service, a Mayfield police officer turned in his badge. Canine Officer Kaine has helped multiple agencies in the search for narcotics and fugitives. He has also protected his partner. That part of job will never end.

Kaine is right at home in a patrol car. He would usually be at the  Mayfield Police Department for work, but Wednesday he was there for a visit as he adjusts to a life of retirement.

He’s not the type of dog you run up to and greet. As his handler, Mayfield Police Lt. Brent Farmer, puts it, Kane is misunderstood.

"He is definitely a one-person dog," Farmer said.

But, for that one person, Kaine would give his all.

"No doubt in my mind he would give his life up or me, but he’s ready to retire and be a dog for a little bit," Farmer said.

Even though Farmer now owns Kaine, the transition hasn’t been easy for either of them.

"After 10 years, you’ve just got that bond," Farmer said.

Farmer is used to having Kaine by his side while on the job.

"Mentally, there’s no a doubt in my mind he’s still got it," said Farmer.

Lately though, Kaine’s old age has been more apparent.

"I would feel terrible if I had him out somewhere tracking somebody and his hips go down," Farmer said.

Kaine has earned his retirement.

"He’s going to lay around the house and eat whatever he wants to," Farmer said.

It’s still something that will take the partners some getting used to.

"It’s been awesome. I’m going to miss him," Farmer said.

Farmer is now a handler for the department’s remaining police dog, Sawyer.

With Kaine home all day, he’s warning up to Farmer’s family. They’re even learning to give him commands. 

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