More ticks found near your home and kids, wildlife pros say

The good weather is bringing everyone outside, including the bugs. Wildlife Professional Micah Seavers has been finding more ticks in places you and your kids spend time.

Terry Harrell was playing outside with his great-grandson in the park on Thursday. "If the weather is half decent, we’re outside," he said. 

 Harrell doesn’t want ticks to ruin their fun. "They are hardy little varmint," he said.

Seavers said he’s seen large numbers of ticks early on this spring because of the weather. "It has to do with the moisture. With everything staying good and wet, that encourages them, as well as other bugs." He said ticks have been abundant in subdivision neighborhoods.

Harrell was bitten by a tick when he was a young boy. He told us he remembers how they were killed back then. "What they would do is take a cigarette and hold it close to the tick, and hopefully the tick would back out,"he recalled.

Seavers said he hears all kinds of myths about how to kill a tick, but there is only one sure way to get it out of your skin: Use tweezers. 

"Get them fast," said Seavers. "Most of that stuff takes about a day or two for you to contract it. So, be due diligent, and take them off you."

Seavers says ticks love the shade, and they hate dry areas. He said mulch in yards is great tick repellent.

Seavers also advised to spray your clothes — not just body — with tick repellent when you are spending the day outdoors.

If you get bitten, put the tick in a bag and freeze it. Seavers said you should bring the tick to your doctor’s office, so they will know what viruses they should test you for.

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