LowerTown festival organizers prepare for whatever weather brings

A chance for bad weather isn’t stopping many of you from heading to the LowerTown Music and Arts Festival this weekend. Event organizers are stopping by each tent to make sure the proper steps are taken so they hold up to wind and rain.

Michael Terra is one of the founders of the annual festival. He expects thousands to pour in Friday and Saturday. He doesn’t want the possibility of pouring rain to ruin their fun. “Weather is not something that we get to be in charge of. It’s something we get to respond to,” he said.

He’s making sure tents are made properly and weights are attached to the legs, so they’ll hold up.

It’s a precaution for people like Andrew Evitts. It’s his first year bringing his screen printing business to LowerTown. “I have four designs set up on my press and you pick out a shirt, a color and a size and I print it right here in front of you. It takes about a minute and you get to leave with a shirt hot off the press,” he said.

The shirts are made with pieces of art he made himself.

Terra compares the event to a massive potluck. “The music that you hear, the beautiful things that you come to purchase, the art, the food, the beer, the wine, it’s all made within this region," he said.

Saturday, the festival will stretch from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

For more information on the festival, click here

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