Help Wanted: Credit Bureau Systems expanding, looking to hire dozens

A local company has big plans to expand, but leaders say they’re having some trouble finding the right people for their job openings.

Credit Bureau Systems‘ corporate headquarters moved to McCracken County’s Information Age Park in 1997. The company assumed the 34,000 square foot facility would handle growth for the next 50 years. That turned out to be wrong.

The company is expanding, building a 10,000 square foot building across the street to accommodate up to 122 employees at some point in the future. Most of those jobs will be in ambulance billing.

President and CEO Mark Edwards says the project is estimated to cost $1.75 million. Credit Bureau Systems expects to hire as many as 70 people by the fourth quarter of this year, with an average pay of $13 an hour.

The company’s initial hiring wave, already underway, totals 40 people. 

"We really just have a lot of seats to fill!" said Human Resources Director Jamie Tucker. She’s in the Medical Accounts Receivable Systems (MARS) and Ambulance Medical Billing (AMB) divisions.

About 25 of those positions are still open. Tucker says they’re having trouble filling those jobs.

"We’re looking for people that have gone to college for medical billing or coding —management experience," Tucker explained. "These things are difficult to find here with so much retail."

Here’s what you need to do if you’re interested. Tucker says you can go into the office at 100 Fulton Court. She tries to speak with people as they enter the office, if she’s not busy. 

Tucker also says you can email your resume and information to

Read Credit Bureau Systems’ letter to the Kentucky Office of Business Development describing the company’s history, need for expansion and the specifics of the project below:

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