State reviews standards for physical and health education at Kentucky schools

Educators want to make sure your students learn what they need to know to stay healthy.

"Staying healthy helps you be successful in high school and all areas of life," said recent Murray High School graduate Ann Taylor. 

Schools follow standards set by the state to determine what skills and knowledge your child should have in each grade.

The Kentucky Department of Education now wants your input to update its health and physical education standards.

Taylor says the Murray High School track helped her get through her four years at high school.  

"Being involved in track program kept me focused on what was important and was my outlet for my stresses," she said.

Not all students spend as much time focusing on their health. That’s why Mark Boggess wants to make sure students get the most of their one required semester in health and their one semester in physical education.

"Learning how to take care of them self, learning how to stay healthy, so they can pursue a career and stay healthy as they do it," Boggess explained what he wants students to get out of his classes at Murray High School.

His classes, like all health and P.E. classes in Kentucky, follow standards set by the state in 2006. The state now wants to update those standards with your help.

The Department of Education wants you to fill out two surveys, one on physical education, the other on health education. The surveys ask you different questions about what your student is learning. You can either mark "OK" or "needs revision."

"There’s always room for improvement," Boggess said.

Boggess says he would like schools spend more time teaching students what resources are available to them when it comes to their physical, emotional and social health. 

"Teenage years are the hardest years," Taylor said.

She says understanding resources could help other students, like track helped her.

The Kentucky Department of Education says the goal of updating the standards is giving students skills they can use today.

A representative in the Division of Program Standards says that would include making sure students know where to go for resources.

Standards and curriculum are two separate things. The state is in charge of standards: what the students need to learn in each grade. School districts are in charge of the curriculum: how the students learn those standards.

A committee and a number of panels will form this month to look at the feedback. After that, they will start work on revisions. You have until July 10th to fill out a survey. Click here for the health survey, and here for the physical education survey.

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