Terry Froman found guilty in Kim Thomas’ murder

A jury has convicted Terry Froman for the murder of Kim Thomas.

That’s according to family members at Froman’s trial in Ohio, where the shooting took place.

Investigators say Froman killed Thomas’ son, Eli Mohney, and kidnapped Thomas from her home in Graves County, Kentucky. They say he then shot and killed Thomas during a stand off with authorities in Cincinnati. You can read about the events here.

Froman use to date Thomas and is from Metropolis, Illinois. 

Thomas’ family says they believe justice is being served. They add they can now begin to have closure.

Sentencing for Froman is set for Thursday. He does face the death penalty. After Thursday’s sentencing, prosecutors in Kentucky can begin the process to charge Froman for Mohney’s murder.

The jury reached their decision after a few hours of deliberating.
Froman wanted his trial moved. He says Warren County is "racially imbalanced." The latest census estimates show its population as nearly 90 percent white.

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