Williamson County Fire Protection District building new fire station

The Williamson County Fire Protection District demolished its original building to make way for a new 8,800 square foot facility. The project cost $1.8 million to complete.

Construction on the new building starts this month. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. 

The department is operating out of a temporary facility down the road from the original building until construction is complete.

The original fire station was built in 1940 as a car dealership. Williamson County Fire Protection bought the building in 1990. The first fire chief for the department, Lindell Coriasco, said the building held a lot of memories. 

"It was kind of a unique position, because I got to start a fire department from the ground up. We started out with exactly nothing," said retired Fire Chief Lindell Coriasco.

Over the years, the building required serious maintenance. 

"We would spend a fortune just trying to heat it in the winter," said Coriasco. 

There came a time when it was no longer possible for the department to keep up with the maintenance.

"A new building is going to be a lot more economical as far as electrical heating," said Fire Chief Jeremy Norris.

Once the debris is cleaned up and the project is finished, the fire station will have a training room for 32 students, a fitness room, a kitchen and a radio room.

"Plus, it will have drive-through bays, so we don’t have to worry about the guys backing fire trucks in," said Norris. 

Coriasco is proud of how far the department has come and even prouder of where it’s heading.

The department was able to finance the project through The First Southern Bank.

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