Carbondale hires shuttle service for eclipse event

The city of Carbondale is making sure the thousands of visitors expected to visit during the total solar eclipse in August won’t miss any of the activities planned for the day of the eclipse and the weekend leading up to it.

The city recently signed a contract with the West Bus Service serve as a shuttle to the Carbondale Civic Center. City spokeswoman Amy Fox said Carbondale hopes to cut down on heavy traffic. "When you get thousands of thousand of people here, thousands of thousands of vehicles come with them. That can make for some congestion on the roads," said Fox.

The shuttles will pick people up from three different lots: Carbondale High School, the University Mall, and the Oakland Cemetery. The shuttle will drop them off at the civic center.

"There are going to be a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the area. Our number one priority is to provide the best possible experience that we can," said Fox. 

The city is also working very closely with Southern Illinois University to coordinate a shuttle service from the Civic Center to the university campus. 

"We understand that people are coming to campus that are not used to our community roadways," said SIU University Events and Protocol Director Vanessa Sneed. 

SIU will have additional shuttles for visitors throughout campus. 

The city is asking people to consider walking or biking to events.

The shuttle service for the civic center will cost $5 per vehicle, if you pay with cash. The service will cost $7, if you pay with a credit card. The fee will be a one-time payment for the whole day. 

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