Local woman inspiring others, spreading kindness through painted rocks

Many of you are seeing painted rocks pop up around town. They’re colorful, inspiring and randomly placed. It’s part of The Kindness Rock Project, which is gaining popularity nationwide and right here at home.

Dina Martinez started painting rocks as a way to stay busy while battling cancer.

"There’s just no other way to describe the feeling," says Martinez. "It’s helpless, hopeless, you know, just very scary. It was a way for me to relax and get my mind off of the things that we’re going on with me."

With each dab of paint came peace and serenity for Martinez. She’s now encouraging others to find strength through every brush stroke.

"Just any little thing that we can get other people active and to get them through what they’re going through," says Martinez. "Maybe make them feel better and brighten their day."

Back in April, Dina took her rock painting one step further, starting the Facebook group You ROCK! Paducah. Now, it has more than a thousand members. The goal is simple: paint a rock, hide it and hope someone finds it.

Martinez says there’s thousands of rocks scattered across the Local 6 area.

"They’re anywhere," says Martinez. "They are in parks, the riverfront, downtown, doorways, windows, planter boxes and outside of businesses."

Martinez is encouraging everyone to participate in The Kindness Rock Project. She says the entire family will enjoy painting, hiding and hunting for rocks.

If you’d like some instruction on how to get started, Martinez is inviting you to join her class. It happens every Thursday night at different locations around town. Click here to message Martinez for details.

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