President Trump returns home after Paris trip

President Trump wraps up his Paris trip as the Russia investigation back home takes a new turn.

New light on that campaign season meeting between a Russian attorney and President Trump’s inner circle, including Donald Trump junior and a Russian American lobbyist

In relation to Trump’s inter circle Senator Chris Van Hollen says: "These guys just can’t come clean and it tells the country that they have a lot to hide"

This, three days after Trump Junior released the email thread – leading up to that meeting -in what he called an act of transparency.

On Fox News, host Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump Jr: "This is, as far as you know, are all the emails that exist on this case?" To which Trump Jr. responded, "We’ve scoured it thoroughly just to be sure."

Now growing scrutiny on presidential son in law Jared Kushner, the only person from that meeting who currently works inside the white house.

"I also call for the revoking of the security clearance for Kushner." Said House Pelosi Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Some republicans say that’s going too far.

Representative Dave Brat said: "Once in a while, politics intervenes in this city, in D.C., and things get a little overheated, I think we need to just calm down, follow the law, we are a nation under laws."

President Trump is now back home, landing in New Jersey where he will spend the weekend at his golf club.

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