First responders step up to the plate

 It may have looked like a normal softball game Thursday night at McCormick Field – a police vs. fire department battle.

But its purpose was for someone watching behind the fence.

"This was just the best way that I think we came up with to give back to him," said Officer Brian McGuire with the Wagner Police Department.

In early June, Wagner Officer James Flynn was caught in an altercation with a suspect. He was attempting to make an arrest when the situation turned on its side. The suspect attacked Officer Flynn, then tried to take his taser and gun.

While getting gas nearby, Wayne Joseph sprang into action.

"They’re here to protect us and I figured I’d give something back," said Joseph. "I don’t know what it was, just came over."

Joseph helped the officer, but paid a price. He is currently recovering from five fractured ribs, keeping him on the sidelines from work until September.

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