Local mom speaks out after another vehicle runs her off road

A local mom is home recovering after a frightening car crash and a visit to the ICU.

Maegan Muso says another driver ran her off the road and never looked back. It happened Thursday along US HWY 641 North near Murray, Kentucky.

Muso says she was passing two vehicles when one of them entered her lane. She swerved, lost control, traveled 75 feet down a nearby embankment and overturned.

A witness says the vehicle was a white full-size GMC Chevrolet pickup truck. Muso says she remembers seeing decals on the back.

"If they would have looked, they would have seen me," says Muso. "This really could have been fatal. I really could have not lived. I could have left four children without their mom."

When Muso saw the other vehicle starting to enter her lane, she pressed on her horn and held it down.

"That didn’t work," says Muso. "So I just start merging over into the median. I hit my breaks and that’s where I start to black out. I remember the car turning, I guess fish tailing, and the next thing I remember was seeing the wooded area."

Glass was everywhere. Muso received cuts all over her body. The impact was so powerful it bruised her lungs and ribs.

"Praise God that I didn’t have my children with me," says Muso.

Muso says she dropped them off at their great-grandma’s house less than 30 minutes before the crash.

"For someone just to not pay attention, to not even care that they ran someone off the roadway is just pathetic," says Muso.

Now, Muso is asking that person to step up and take responsibility.

Here’s what you need to know if something like this were to happen to you:

  • Try to get a description of the vehicle, including a license plate number or at least part of it.
  • Even the color of the license plate could help police track it down.
  • If you can, try to get a look at the driver.
  • If there are any witnesses, keep them around until police arrive or jot down their names and numbers.

Muso’s 8-year-old daughter started a fundraiser for her mom on Facebook. Click here if you’d like to help out the family.

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