Woman and grandson rescued from overturned SUV

A woman, Kayla Belcher, and her grandson, John Luke Sheridan, are recovering after an early morning rescue. They were reported missing Sunday night, when Belcher was supposed to drive her grandson to her mother’s house and never arrived.

Members of law enforcement spotted Belcher’s red SUV in a ravine after 12 hours of searching.

John Luke’s father and Belcher’s son, Timothy Sheridan, said it was just a quick ride to great-grandma’s house that turned into a nightmare.

"I called my grandma and said ‘Have you heard from her?’" he said. "She said ‘No, I still haven’t seen her."

Sheridan said he thought they were gone, dead.

Investigators say Kentucky State Police pinged Belcher’s phone, but when they still couldn’t find her they took out their flashlights and began searching the highway.

An officer spotted the upside down red SUV in the early morning hours. West Marshall Fire Chief Brian Andrus helped rescue the two. "When we first got here the car was at the bottom of the ravine. It had some vegetation over it."

Andrus said trees were hiding the SUV, 30 feet down from the roadside. Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars said his deputies reported hearing a child crying.

Several law enforcement agencies were able to help remove Belcher and Sheridan from the car.

Belcher was flown to a hospital in Evansville, Indiana. We do not know her condition.

John Luke’s father said his son has a broken jaw and some bruising, but has been released from the hospital.

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