Murray city offices, police department moving buildings

If you live in Murray, you’ll need to learn a new address for some city offices.

For instance, Murray City Hall will no longer be at 104 North 5th St. It will be moving to the corner of 5th and Main streets. And, instead of filing reports or paying city sticker fines at the Murray Police Department on Poplar Street, you’ll go to 104 North 5th St.

City leaders say the shuffle will make city operations run smoother.

Crews are working inside the old BB&T building that will be the new Murray City Hall. Several city offices are in the process of coordinating the move, and leaders say it’s a positive change overall.

Murray City Clerk Jim Osborne says paying your fees, bills or getting a building permit approved will be much more streamlined once city hall occupies the old BB&T building. "It’ll make it easier on the public. We think it will make it a more positive interaction, because they won’t have to go several different places," he says.

Accessibility is only half the reason for the move. Osborne says it will also “make it easier for the police department to get into a facility that was badly needed and has been for some time.”

The police department is so small that we weren’t allowed to show you the building, because of security concerns. Sgt. Brant Shutt says Murray’s growing, the police department is growing, and they need a new building badly. 

“Eventually you have to buy a bigger house and that’s where we are with the Murray police department," Shutt says.

Right now, officers cross Poplar Street all the time to the "second station" across the road. “As we move into our new building under one roof, it will increase communication, morale, everyone being back together," Shutt says. 

Shutt says the move can’t come soon enough. “Our guys on the road do an excellent job representing the Murray Police Department really well, and it’s time our building do that too," Shutt says. 

The police department plans to move out of the Poplar Street building towards the end of the year. We don’t yet know what will happen to that building after the department moves out.

City offices haven’t moved yet. That will happen towards the end of the year. Osborne says the city’s insurance through the Kentucky League of Cities estimated the building cost $7 million. The city bought the BB&T Bank building for $900,000.

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