Stolen SUV found buried under dirt bike trail

A strange discovery in Pottawatomie County, Wisconsin. A car was buried underground, wrapped in plastic.

Deputies dug up the remains of a brand new 2003 Chevy Blazer.

"It’s very strange to have a car buried in your backyard," said property owner Fredie Green.

It was discovered back on his property in the middle of their dirt bike trail.

"We jumped off this car for several years with our ATV and motocross bikes without ever knowing it," said Fredie.

Fredie’s son Cody was adjusting the jump when the tractor unearthed something familiar.

"Went down a little deep and the tractor just stopped and I went man what is this? Well I end up digging some more and got to the hood of it and this is a car," said Cody.

"Dad, we got a car buried six foot underground and I told my son stop right there and leave it alone," said Fredie.

Fredie called authorities, dreading the worst.

"Just make sure that there were no dead bodies in the car," said Fredie.

Deputies dug it up, dragged it out, and tore the doors off to dispel suspicions of any possible bodies inside.

However whoever buried it left the license plate intact and deputies quickly discovered it was reported stolen back in 2003.

"He had reported this vehicle stolen in 2003. He at one time owned that property that vehicle was located on," said Lt. Robert Stewart of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office.

No one has been charged yet but whether theft, or insurance fraud, the two-ton artifact is now evidence of a crime brought to the surface.

Deputies have not yet found how much an insurance company paid out on the vehicle.

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