33 dogs rescued from deplorable Obion County home

Animal Rescue Corps with the Union City Police Department and Animal Control rescued 33 animals Friday, July 28th from a home in Obion County, TN.

All of the animals were seized by Animal Control.

Investigators visited the property after the owner asked about getting help feeding her dogs.

They found clear violations of state and local safety and animal cruelty codes.

Small dogs were loose inside the home with a floor piled thick with animal feces, debris, soaked in urine, with no food or water.

Neighbors outside could smell and high levels of ammonia gas.

The property owner was cited with animal cruelty.

“I’m so grateful we were in a position to respond to this request; we didn’t get here a moment too soon,” said ARC Director of Animal Welfare, Kim Rezac. “These animals were on death’s door when we arrived, but they’re safe now and we’re going to do everything possible to help them recover.”

The dogs inside the house were without food and water. They are mostly Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes and Shih Tzus. Both adult dogs and a new born puppy exhibited signs of severe, chronic neglect, including broken bones, emaciation, mange, dehydration, intestinal worms, external parasites, runny eyes, and alopecia.

Several large chained dogs were found outside on the property including Labradors and Hounds. None of these animals had food or water.

"The conditions here are so bad, we knew we had to do something immediately, “said Amanda Hayslett of the Union City Department of Animal Control, “We called ARC and cited the property owner."

ARC documented all the animals and transported them to an emergency shelter set up for the rescue. Each animal will receive a vet exam, vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatment. All the animals were surrendered to Animal Rescue Corps. ARC will care for them daily until they can be transferred to a shelter and begin the adoption process.

For those wishing to foster or adopt, ARC will publish a list of shelter and placement partners on its Facebook page.

Animal Rescue Corps performed Operation Desperate Plea in conjunction with the Union City Police Department and Animal Control. 

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