As school year begins, KSP reminds drivers to look out for buses

Many of your children head back to school Thursday. Kentucky State Police Post 1 reminds drivers to watch out for kids getting on and off the bus.

Kentucky law states if a bus is stopped on a highway with its arm out and lights flashing, you should stop until the bus drives on. If you pass a bus loading or unloading children, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. You could be cited or arrested.

You can keep driving if you’re on the opposite side of a four-lane highway. KSP also wants you to look out for your speed. Fines are doubled if you’re speeding in a school zone with flashing lights.

Troopers also tell parents not to be worried. Buses are considered safer than cars. Most injuries or deaths occur when getting on and off the bus. So, make sure your child:

-Has a safe place to wait for the bus, away from traffic.
-They stay away from the bus until it’s completely stopped and the driver signals them to get on.
-They should keep a distance from the bus when they get off.
-Tell them to always use the handrail on the bus.
-Make sure they look out for traffic, because not all drivers follow the laws of the road.

Not everyone uses the school bus. Here’s some advice if your child bikes or walks to school:

-Make sure they know to mind traffic signals and never cross the street against the light, even if they don’t see any traffic.
-They should walk their bikes through intersections.
-If they walk, they should walk with a buddy.
-They should wear reflective material, to make sure drivers can see them.

If you want to report an unsafe driver anonymously to KSP, you can call1-800-222-5555. You should know a description of the vehicle, location,the  direction of travel, and a license plate number if possible. 

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