Local man concerned for family’s safety in Guam

A local man is worried about his family’s safety after North Korea threatened a ballistic missile strike on Guam.

Generations of Richard Vieitez’ family have called Guam home. He was born on the island, but has been a Kentuckian since he was 12. When news broke of North Korea’s threat broke, he says he was distraught.

He remembers his time there well. “It’s a beautiful island. There are so many sights to be seen,” he said.

He still has aunts and cousins there. “The fact that my family, my relatives, could be hurt by this really, really, does bring it to mind right there,” he said.

He hopes for a peaceful resolution to the threat, but understand a need for military action, too. “I don’t think its right for anybody to antagonize anybody else, but the fact of the matter is that Kim Jong Un, that boy ain’t right.”

While he acknowledges the military lives and assets on the island, he said he feels American civilian lives on U.S. territories are often overlooked by the public. “Guam and Puerto Rico both, a lot of people don’t even think about us. There are many people that I have come in contact with that didn’t even know Guam existed,” he said.

He hopes to be able to return to the island someday and reunite with his family.

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