North Korea’s threat has no effect on radio ministry in Guam

An organization that is supported in the Local 6 region is in the path of a potential missile strike from North Korea.

Trans World Radio, a Christian organization that broadcasts the gospel to foreign countries, has a station in Guam. It’s 1 million watts and reaches multiple countries on multiple continents with multiple languages.

The towers transmit hope to countries all over the globe, including North Korea. Roy Wikoff, media representative for the nonprofit, says we don’t hear their broadcasts because “there’s not a need for what we do here, because you have domestic Christian radio. But globally, they don’t have that luxury. So, it’s a teaching ministry that just literally presents the gospel globally around the world.”

He’s troubled by the recent threat from North Korea and hopes their message can change the country for the better. “The people who become Christians in North Korea have to almost keep it a secret. They have listen to radios in the middle of the night and bury their radios in the ground during the day. That’s stuff that we hear about,” he said. 

TWR put together a video showing letters sent to the station by North Koreans who appreciate the free religious broadcasting. Wikoff says the mission will go on, despite the threats.

“Without that hope, where would they be?” he asked. “In the midst of any potential or pending crisis, the message will always be the same. That kind of consistency is needed in that part of the world right now.”

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