Dozens march, mourn events in Charlottesville in candlelight vigil

Emotions continue to run high in Charlottesville, Virginia tonight. Just a day after clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters turned deadly.  The Women’s United Network held a candlelight vigil today for the victims who lost their lives over the weekend. The people who showed up today said they wanted to stand in solidarity with the protesters in Charlottesville.


The people who participated in the vigil said they felt sad, hurt, some simply showed up to mourn the loss of that counter-protester in Charlottesville, VA.

Shortly after the vigil ended, people organized marched down South Illinois Ave.


An organizer of tonight’s event shared with us how she thinks people should move forward.


Emily Kircher, an event coordinator said, "Let’s work to make America great. Not make America great again. America’s best days are always ahead of us. Let’s get past this white supremacist rhetoric. Work for equality, justice, and inclusion for every single American citizen."

Now one of the speakers said something earlier tonight and I want you to hear what she had to say.


Another marcher said, "Hope allows us to imagine a time where we will all live in peace; you’re living in your dreams. If you want this world to get better, abandon hope and get busy."

A very emotional message and a call to action after an eventful weekend. Organizers say they were surprised to see how many people showed up with this event being put together last minute to show support for Charlottesville. People left tonight’s vigil grieving but ready to stand up and speak out.

Around 50 people attended tonight’s vigil.

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