Illinois Senate overrides Rauner school veto

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) –  The Illinois Senate has voted to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of a public-school funding plan.
The Senate voted 38-19 Sunday to reject the Republican’s amendatory veto of a newly devised financing formula. Rauner says it is too generous to Chicago public schools.
The override needed 36 votes. It moves to the House where it also needs a three-fifths majority. Override prospects are less certain there.
Rauner’s amendatory veto removed hundreds of millions of dollars from what he calls a "bailout" for the nation’s third-largest school system. It redistributed funds and Rauner is promoting that nearly every district would get more money under his plan.
Democrats argued that Chicago educates largely low-income students. They say the Rauner plan simply takes district from one needy district to fund another.

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