Housman and Associates – FAQ

Social Security / Disability / Workmans Comp

Q. I got hurt in a motor vehicle collision, but I hope/expect to go back to work after my injuries heal. Should I file for Social Security benefits?
A. If it is likely you will be unable to work for a period of a year or more after the injury, then you can file for Social Security benefits. If you do now have $2,000 in assets (not counting your home and your car) and do not have income over $700 / month, it is particularly important for you to see Supplemental Security Income benefits as quickly as possible. That can help with medical expense as well as benefits.

Q. Can I receive Social Security disability benefits and workers’ compensation at the same time?
A. Yes. There are limits on the combined amount of both, but it is common for the injured workers to receive both.

Q. Who picks the doctor who will treat your work related injury?
A. You do! Even if your employer has an approved managed health care network, they must offer you a list of physicians from which you chose, not the adjustor, not the case management nurse, and not your employer. If they do not have an approved managed health care network, go to whichever doctor you choose. See Ky. Revised Statutes 342.020 et seq.

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