Murphysboro Apple Festival celebrates 66 years


MURPHYSBORO, IL-  If you like apples, the Murphysboro Apple Festival is the right place for you. The apple-themed festival attracts more than 40,000 visitors each year. One woman told me she hasn’t missed it in more than 60 years.

So, exactly how many things can you make out of apples?

“We have apple strudel, apple pie, apple cake doughnuts, we have apple danish. We have a whole lot of apple stuff. It’s too many to say,” said Apple Festival Assistant General Chair James Murphy.

Debbie Tindall’s favorite is apple pie. But, she doesn’t attend for the desserts. She’s there for the community.

“This community puts on its best face for show and tell for the apple festival. It’s the crown jewel for Murphysboro,” said Tindall.

She was born and raised in Murphysboro. She’s been going to the festival for more than 60 years. She said every year it brings back memories.

“Anybody of my generation, and all generations since the apple festival’s been in existence, you couldn’t wait for September to come, because it was such a fun and exciting time,” said Tindall.

The apple theme comes from Murphysboro’s rich orchard history.

Although there aren’t quite as many orchards left today, Tindall said the festival is all about celebrating what makes Murphysboro special.

“Murphysboro has expanded and has a lot of wonderful things going on. Murphysboro is what small hometowns should all be about”

The festival ends Saturday night. It will open on Saturday starting with the Big Muddy Obstacle Race at 7 a.m. The Apple Time Grand Parade will begin at 11 a.m.

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