Good Question: How do I protect my information after the Equifax breach?

PADUCAH, KY – If you own a home, a car or use credit cards, you are likely a victim of the Equifax security breach announced this month.

The cyber attack put the sensitive information of millions of Americans at risk. Equifax is one of the top three credit reporting companies in the country.

Equifax reported 143 million Americans, or nearly half the country, might have been affected. The information accessed includes names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases, driver’s licenses. About 209,000 credit card numbers were breached.

“Your name, address, social, date of birth, that information is not going to change. So, it has perpetual value to a fraudster. So in five years, the threat is not gone. In 10 or 20 years, the threat is not gone,” John Ulzheimer said.

Ulzheimer is a credit scoring analyst who suggests people take a few key action steps to better protect your personal and financial information.

To review the webpage Equifax set up to address the security breach, click here.

To learn how to lock your credit, click here.

To learn how to create a profile with the Internal Revenue Service so no one uses your social security number to create a fake one, click here.

Remember, it’s also a good idea to change passwords for your online profiles.

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