Neighborhood watch app helps homeowners combat break-ins

PADUCAH, KY – Two teenagers were arrested in Paducah related to recent car break-ins and thefts.

Kamar Crockett, 18, is charged with receiving stolen property (firearm), carrying a concealed deadly weapon, tampering with physical evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia and second degree fleeing/evading police.  Jonte’ N. Hensley, 18, of Paducah, charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, second degree fleeing/evading police and possession of marijuana.

The third suspect was not caught.

Hensley on left, Crockett on right

In a quiet, residential area of Paducah off of Buckner Lane, neighbors have been on high alert after a series of car break-ins. They’ve been tracking the criminals on the Nextdoor App.

Both homeowners I spoke with asked to not be named for safety.

“My wife said our niece added us on to this neighborhood watch app, and they were posting that some guys had been breaking into vehicles,” said one homeowner. “I said it’s rare that anyone is up in this cul-de-sac.”

Some say the break-ins started early last week. Others say these break-ins have been happening on and off for months.

“Thursday at about 2 a.m., I heard my husband yell. And, low and behold, there were three people in our backyard,” said another homeowner who lives just a few streets away. “They were going to break into our cars, garage, house, I don’t know what.”

She called 911 as her husband got in his car and chased the suspects, but couldn’t catch them.

Neighbors said the criminals had been targeting unlocked cars, stealing phones and wallets left inside. Neighbors have been keeping up with the chaos on the Nextdoor app by posting what was stolen and sharing information about what they saw.

One woman said three of her bikes were stolen. Then, a few days later, a homeowner reported thieves trying to break into her car and escaping on bikes.

On Sunday, a homeowner came home around midnight to find three suspects looking inside his son’s car. “I pulled up to the driveway, asked them what they were doing, and they took off,” he said. “I pursued them, called 911, followed them with my car. I stayed a good distance behind them.”

He stayed on them until police got there, hopefully putting an end to the break-ins.

One homeowner said she thinks they may need more patrol cars in the area to keep watch. “We got to lock our cars, but keep your hands off things that aren’t yours,” she said.

If you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call 911.

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