Warm weather affecting local fall activities


JOHNSTON CITY, IL – Pumpkin picking and roaming through the corn mazes are a few cherished fall activities. But the warm weather this October has some people confused.Caleb Moore visit’s Bandy’s Pumpkin Patch every fall. He said he is amazed at the weather. “It’s 90 degrees in October? I still got my shorts out,” said Moore.

The weather might feel nice, but not to businesses like Bandy’s Pumpkin Patch that rely on the cooler weather.

“When you run a fall business, you get excited about fall weather,” said Kelly Bandy, who works at the pumpkin patch.

Fewer people have walked through the maze this year because it’s so hot. Instead, they are choosing to just pick pumpkins.

“When your business revolves around bonfires, corn mazes, and hayrides, you don’t want people sweating,” said Bandy.

But Moore said he doesn’t care what the temperature is. He doesn’t want to break the tradition.

“If it’s cold, hot, we got it,” said Moore.

“There are people who come here in the rain, snow the heat. They just troop right through the field,” said Bandy.

Until temperature drop, visitors will have to troop through the field with shorts and tank tops on.

If you are trying to decide on a time to walk through the maze, temperatures closer to average are expected by the weekend.

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