Paducah’s Jones, Sikeston’s DeHart showcase talent on ‘The Voice’

They’re young and talented! A Paducah teen and a Sikeston, Missouri, woman were featured on “The Voice” Monday night. They talked with Local 6 over FaceTime Monday.

“Well, you know, I really broke down and cried,”15-year old Paducah Native Shi’Ann Jones says. She belted it it out, impressing the judges in a battle round against fellow contestant Stephan Marcellus tonight, and — spoiler alert — she won! She now advances to the next round.

If you missed the battle, “The Voice” shared the video on Facebook.

She’s really starting to make a name for herself, but many of you already know she’s been an amazing talent from way back. We dug through our archives and found video from 2012, when Shi’Ann performed during our Telethon of Stars. We shared the video on our Facebook page.

On “The Voice,” Shi’Ann is on Jennifer Hudson’s team. We spoke with the teen via Facetime on Monday, and asked what Hudson is like as a coach. “She’s very, you know, exciting. She’s very pumped up all the time. She’s very focused when it comes to music, but sometimes playful. She’s just an amazing person, like when she plays (in the) movies and stuff. She’s really amazing,” Shi’Ann says.

Here’s more from her interview with WPSD:

Anna Catherine DeHart from Sikeston, Missouri, also showed the country how talented she is on “The Voice” Monday. She advanced to the next round after singing “Independence Day” by Martina McBride, in a battle with Kristi Hoopes. It’s a song DeHart’s been singing since she was 4 years old, and she says she felt honored to perform it on “The Voice” stage.

“This was a song I sung since I was little. I mean, I was just always aspiring to be Martina McBride,” DeHart says. “She was my first inspiration with this huge voice. And so, for me getting to sing her song on a national platform, I was like —This is everything for me.”

Watch for more from her interview with us:

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