Community input sought for natural disaster plan

PADUCAH, KY – The seasons are changing, and while we don’t know what weather events are ahead, it’s best to be prepared.

Local agencies need your input to craft a plan for natural disasters and keep you safe when they happen.

Phrases like “I never thought it would happen here,” and “It always happens to someone else but it never happens here,” are what Rick Shanklin hears when he goes with the National Weather Service to areas affect by natural disasters.

Those phrases roll through the minds of many when they hear a weather forecast. Shanklin said it’s events like the 2009 ice storm that communities learn from.

“I think the ice storm was probably the best wakeup call in my career. We all need to be reminded of how critical it is to have a plan,” Shanklin said.

That’s why the Purchase Area Development District developed a brief survey. They will hear from neighbors about what natural disasters they believe pose a greater threat to our region and use that with other data to develop better emergency plans for the area.

PADD associate director Mark Davis said it’s crucial for people at home to participate.

“We try to bring people together with the local government to identify projects and then prioritize those projects,” Davis said.

Those priorities include things like installing tornado warning sirens and other emergency systems. Those — like anything — cost money.

The goal is “to prevent death, to prevent injuries to individuals,” Davis said. “So, we’re looking for measures that would allow us to do that.”

Having an emergency plan helps the region secure funding before and after natural disasters hit, saving lives.

To take the survey and provide your input, click here.

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