Murray woman heads back to hurricane ravaged island

PADUCAH, Ky. — A local woman, who barely escaped Hurricane Irma, is back in paradise… or what’s left of it.

We first introduced you to Kallie Linzy in early September. The Murray native moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands a year ago.

Linzy is back in St. Thomas for the first time since two hurricanes wreaked havoc on the island.

“Still no running water,” says Linzy. “There is still no power. I’m literally driving over power lines when I go down the road. I’m actually sitting in a random parking lot using Wi-Fi. There are only two places on the east end that have power.”

Families and businesses are depending on generators to get them through each day. Linzy says the majority of grocery stores that are open are only accepting cash.

“You have to be diligent with your money and with your cash making sure that you have enough to survive right now,” says Linzy.

Linzy says she’s blessed she has a home to go back to in Murray. She says some families have been living in the storm’s aftermath for months.

“There’s a lot of third world county kind of things going on here right now and it’s very sad,” says Linzy.

Just beyond a cluster of bare palm trees is a cruise ship. Linzy says the people onboard are there helping rebuild the island.

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority says crews are making progress restoring power to the islands.

“Some hope for the future of St. Thomas,” says Linzy.

Linzy will be back in Murray later this month visiting family and collecting supplies for people impacted by the hurricanes. Click here to help.

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