Illinois State Police increase patrols for Thanksgiving holiday

WEST CITY, IL – If you plan to travel on area interstates during the Thanksgiving holiday, you better watch your speed. Illinois State Police troopers have stepped up patrols just in time for the holiday.

They call it Operation Care. Troopers are stationed every 20 miles on I-57, I-80, and I-55.

Wednesday was a busy day on the interstate for troopers, They were everywhere, checking to see if you were obeying the law. Dianna Jackson is staying home on Thanksgiving, but she said she supports the extra enforcement “to keep down on the problems and stuff, and keep the cars from speeding and slowing down and keep it under control.”

Troopers are not only looking for speeding, but distracted driving, seat belts, and DUI. It’s all for one reason. “We are trying to provide a safe environment for travelers as they move back and forth to family events this weekend,” said Trooper Joey Watson.

This year, troopers are stationed every 20 miles, compared to every 10 miles last year, because of a decrease in manpower.

“It’s all hands on deck right now,” said Watson.

Jackson appreciates what they’re doing. She said she would even like to see it year round.

“A lot of times there are no cops out. There are people that are reckless driving, and think they own the highways,” said Jackson.

But this Thanksgiving, the troopers own the interstate.

A speeding ticket could cost you around $120. Watson said the average cost of a first time DUI expense is around $16,000. Troopers will be stationed until 8 p.m.

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